Introducing LokaBox, an automotive security locking system designed in Australia to provide utility bodies, caravans, boats, trailers and trucks with superior locking protection. LokaBox can be incorporated into the central locking system of most vehicles by connecting to the park brake circuit and ensuring all doors are locked until your vehicle is parked. This means no unexpected door failures on the road leading to expensive equipment loss and liability.

LokaBox have been proven to 100000 cycles per latch, far exceeding traditional actuator systems which wear every time they are engaged.  Units can be provided in either zinc or 316 stainless to provide protection against the harshest of Australian weather. External release buttons are IP67 weather rated. LokaBox button releases also improve the look of modern vehicles by removing outdated barrel locks and T handles.

For too long Toolboxes, Boats, Caravans and Trucks have relied on inferior key locks to provide protection, often using generic keys to secure expensive goods. LokaBox incorporates the vehicles own security and remote control to provide press button entry. Removing the requirement for keys also makes locks easy to use for all ages and strengths.

LokaBox creates peace of mind for fleet owners by providing a failsafe mechanism for ease of locking every time. When your vehicle is locked LokaBox is protecting you and your assets.

Contact Townlec Auto today for more information. LokaBox – First time, Every time.