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Townlec Auto is a locally based auto-electrical and airconditioning business established in 2008. We strive to use local businesses and local suppliers in providing our services. In a time marked with change, especially in electronics, we are capable of providing cutting-edge technical and personal service. Our clients require that service in a range of areas, from assets at large processing plants to smaller vehicles such as town cars. In between are trucks and marine machinery as well as specialised and customised machines like mobile garbage compactors.

Townsville Auto Electrical

TOWNLEC meets the regulatory requirements to supply services to public, government, commercial and industrial clients. The biggest challenge facing those clients is staying ahead of developing technologies and we have systems in place to meet emerging demands. We respect our clients’ commercial and personal needs and make it our priority to keep assets operational by addressing emergency and maintenance imperatives. Part of the service is educating operators to reduce downtime by enhancing day-to-day operational techniques. Repeat business is the hallmark of our growth and is testament to the consistently high standard of service Townlec provides.

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